After almost half a lifetime of dedication and work on their craft, two EPs under their belt, scores of fearless live performances throughout the Northwest and a burgeoning fan base, Lights Out! took a massive career leap forward in the summer of 2019 when they were introduced to producer/engineer Jonathan Plum, co-owner of the iconic London Bridge Studio (Pearl Jam 10, Alice in Chains, Dave Matthews, Macklemore).

Plum recognized their talent and commitment, took them under his wing and collaborated with the band to record their first full-length album, Thrilling Detail, an edgy, musical and lyrical triumph of punkadelica, scheduled for release this Spring.

Lights Out! began their Rock ‘n Roll journey at Big Star Studios, a local music studio for kids in Snoqualmie, Washington.  The three founding members of the band were all around 9 years old. Tyler Kinnaman (vocals, guitar) and Jonny Bechtol (bass) were the first to get together in 2013, joined shortly by Dylan Scott (keyboards). In 2016, drummer Willem Kuhn was added and in 2019 Bella Mariani (vocals, guitar), formerly of another promising local band, LocoMotive, joined Lights Out!.

With strong family support for their children’s passionate interest in music the band evolved and progressed beyond their years. Jeff Scott, Dylan’s dad and band manager, converted his “mancave” into a “bandcave” on top of their detached garage, creating a rehearsal space with instruments, PAs and mics. In the early days, Jeff managed the band like an athletic coach by setting practice times, scheduling gigs and hauling gear. “Now the band can haul and set up gear, plus land their own gigs,” a grateful Jeff reveals. 

When you meet the band, you’ll find a group of connected, lively and serious musicians who embrace all genres of music (their setlist includes their high energy punk/alt-rock originals, mixed with classic rock and punk staples, including Green Day, Blink 182, The Who, Zeppelin, Tom Petty and their take on The Beatles).  Band members study music theory and music history, and start each day early in the morning for 6:30am jazz band and choir rehearsals. They are a tight-knit group that genuinely enjoy hanging out together. 

“We try not to take ourselves too seriously and just have fun,” says Dylan, the keyboard player. At the same time, they write about issues that are real and relatable. The songs tackle issues they see around them like peer pressure that can lead to substance abuse, the dangers of putting up “walls”, and not communicating with friends and family who can help deal with their anxiety and insecurity.  In the case of two band members diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as teens, they confront challenges unique in their peer group. 

While some of the songs touch on serious issues, a Lights Out! show is a blast, with their crazy energy, advanced musical chops, and a remarkable, well-honed ability to fully engage a crowd.

In three months, believe it or not, the band will be graduating from high school. They all plan to attend college, but they are not giving up the band. They’ve been together longer than most bands twice their age and they know they have something special. Look for Lights Out! at summer shows and festivals around the Northwest, promoting Thrilling Detail to their growing legion of fans.

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Seattle, Washington